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I have been enrolled in the Advocate Assistance program since February of 2013 and have received nothing but struggles with this arrangement. I am not sure of all the reasons for non-delivery but I know I have never had any issues with any Pharmacy that I have dealt with in the past.

I filled out all of their forms and fulfilled all of their requests, but still received nothing. I was told it takes time to set up the program but after 4 months my patience was at end. They did however begin taking money out of my account almost immediately that included a set-up charge totaling over $225.00. I can't afford to wait weeks or in this case months before I receive prescriptions and it has become way too much effort to receive what the company promised to provide.

Then after requesting an update I was scolded by a customer service person named Gail. In fact all of them were not very patient. I get the feeling they deal with many complaints. After several request and jumping through all kinds of hoops just to cancel, I never received a confirmation letter or my money reimbursed.

If you are looking for some assistance for prescription meds - DON'T get involved with the Advocate Assistance program.

If you are treated as they treated me you will definitely be sorry and out of the money they remove from your account. If you want to get hassled - signup!

Monetary Loss: $260.

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I have had the same exact problems as this person has had. I have been a "member" of this program since January 11, 2014.

To this date, (9-18-14), I have NEVER received anything from them.

These people had no problem at all withdrawing the funds from my account immediately after enrolling me. The sales person "cold-called" me and was very, very pushy in selling me their program. That should have been my first clue. What a huge mistake I made in signing up with them.

Ever since I signed up, it has been nothing but a total nightmare and headache dealing with them.

I received a "Membership Packet" which contains nothing but worthless phone numbers and seemingly false information about what they claim to do for their customers. In my honest opinion, all lies and deceit and nothing more. The membership packet also contained paperwork to fill out and mail back to them. I filled out all of their paperwork and mailed it back to them.

After not hearing or receiving anything back from them, I called them. Their receptionist, was very rude an unprofessional and nasty and had the nerve to lecture and scold me and refused to let me speak to a manager and hung up on me! I attempted calling right back 4-5 times and she kept just hanging up on me. When I called back the next day to complain and cancel my membership, I spoke to a person named Gail who said that she would tell her boss to tell the receptionist to "chill out".

As far as addressing my cancellation request, once again I was scolded by this Gail person. Was told that "my account rep" has tried to contact me and until I speak with this person (wouldn't give me his/her name or phone number/extension) they couldn't help me. Everytime that I call back this account rep is not available. After waiting all this time and not receiving any service from these people, I asked for a full refund and of course, they refused.

They simply said "no refunds". The only way that I have been able to get these people to stop billing me is to cancel my credit card and now Gail calls me continuously since she wants my new credit card number which I will not, and have no obligation to give to them.

I have never been treated so rudely and unprofessionally by any company as I have by these people.

It is just mind-blowing to me. I recently received a letter in the mail from them requesting that I call them. There was noone's name attached to the letter and no mailing address on the letter or on the return address of the envelope.

Now, what kind of business sends out correspondence to a customer with noone's name and no mailing address whatsoever? This to me is very suspicious and shady. Now Gail calls me once or more each day, harrassing me. I don't answer the calls anymore.

I am going to file a dispute with my credit card company to try and get my money back. It is doubtful I will ever recover the hundreds of dollars that these people basically stole from me. I have learned a nasty, hard, cold and expensive lesson. Never again!

Anyone who does any business with these people will be very sorry that they did. Just as I and the other person who commented here did.

My advice, stay away from these people. As far away as you can or they will burn you bad!

Venice, Florida, United States #804033

The Advocate Assistance Program is a scam. They are charging you for what you can do for free.

Most drug manufactures have a patient assistance program on their website. Simply look them up and apply.

They will send you some paperwork for you and your doctor to fill out and return and then they will send you your medication for free or a greatly reduced price if you qualify. This is exactly what the Advocate program is charging you for and you can do it yourself for nothing.

to Joe Detroit, Michigan, United States #1275162

I contacted Novo Nordisk. The makers of Novolog and Levemir.

The lady apologized because 1.) I was too young. 2.) I was insured. Even though my deductible is so high that I would be paying $2000 a month for insulin. There are some of us who don't fit into the categories that they can help thats why groups like this get people to sign up.

Always report groups to the BBB. Post everywhere that you can about whats going on. Uae social media and let others know. Thank you everyone who takes the time to write reviews.

You may feel like your not helping but you are. Keep it up.


this is a scam company you can go to the ppa they will help you 4 free and they warn about the scams

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